DISCOFORGY is an italian dj and producer who started his project Àrcade Discoforgia in 2009. His main influences are breakbeat, big beat, jungle and old-school garage house. All mashed up with a punky and electronic attitude.


DJ Yoko is a talented and innovative Japanese producer and DJ. He defines his own music as mellow-tech, a music based on techno sounds and grooves but at the same time characterized by subtle and beautiful melodies.


Norbert Erki aka PushPull it\\\'s a DJ / Producer from Hungary. From late 90\\\'s he has been collecting electronic music, he managed to put together a vast collection of vinyls which has remained intact until today, giving him a huge music backgound and heritage. Push Pull really feels close to and inspired by Minimal, Tech-House, Deep House & Techno styles.


DJ / Producer and Elektik Media head-honcho Matt Banga certainly knows how to get the party started with his floor rumbling beats, so there is little to wonder why his fresh club night Elektika has endorsed the same principle ethic quickly growing to be a moving force in gathering party goers with a strong passion for upfront quality dance music in an exciting atmosphere.


TJ HOOK-A Originally an M.C, T.J. has a true pedigree in urban music. M.C\'ing with top D.J\'s from Mickey Finn, Grooverider to D.J. SS, Slipmat, Judge Jules & everyone else in between, with the legendary \'Murder Squad Crew\' (M Squad) of which he was a founding member. Now after spending years honing the art of production TJ Hook-a is set to release a host of tracks from his own urban music retrospective including Electronica/Solid-Fusion House & Dub House Sounds, using his unique vocal techniques giving Street Life to his Warrior Beats. Utilizing his own unique blend of breaks, beats and soundscapes, creating a solid fusion style of sound.


Vincenzo \"Enzalla\" Bellanova was born in 1991 in Milan, Italy. At the age of 11 he began to play the piano, studying classical music, and music theory. A From 2009 to 2011 he plays in several bands keyboards, rythmic guitars, harsh vocals and composes all the tracks. IEnzalla is now an accomplished and versatile producer. He has relased a number of great tracks such as Level 20 - Audiophile Live Tale Of My Brother - (Complex Drop Records) Astrofish - (Digital Complex Records) Death Squad / Sun - (Mindstorm Records) and he is also author of a number of patch libraries for Loopmasters : Patchworks #46 Glitch Hop and Dubstep Massive Presets and Patchworks #50 Liquid Dubstep and Complextro Massive Presets. He will publish soon with BTR a remix and a full EP.


London/Milan based DJ and producer. House, Tech-House, Deep Progressive. Owner of Beat Rude Records, Sevenbreads has released a number of tracks with different labels including Beat Rude Records itself and Elektika, London.


Luca was born in Roma (Italy) became a DJ when he was 2 y.o. trying to put 2 records into the portable record player at the same time, actually he doesn’t remember how many times his mom had to buy a new one.


Born and Raised in New York, Skoof's Low-Fi, Oldschool, sound is a reflection of his history as DJ in the late 90's.